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Please read rules before filling out application.

1. Media passes do not allow you access to the main event. We will have monitors in the media room for viewing.

2. You must wear media passes at all times. No sharing. Must have badges from respective media affiliation.

3. You must turn in a copy of all streamed or recorded material within two weeks without watermark for media use.

4. Be respectful of other media affiliates in area.

5. Media will be allowed to interview, film, and take pictures during the purple carpet.

6. Upload logos (clear & readable) for us to use on website as media affiliates.

7. Working media WILL be allowed into the main hall after the ceremony for the concert. After awards ceremony, remove all equipment and store away before entering main hall. Tobin Center and Pura vida Awards are not responsible for items left behind.

8. Violation of these rules will result in removal of premises and barred from the Pura Vida Tejano Music Awards 2025.


The PURA VIDA AWARDS invites all media to attend our event (Radio, TV, Newspaper, Podcasts, News, etc,). You are welcome to broadcast live and/or conduct interviews for your respective programming. There will be artists, actors, award recipients, and city/state officials in attendance. Feel free to take as many pictures and videos, respectfully.

Fill out our Media application below. 

Media Rules

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